NightQuest Paranormal


ANOMALY - Things found in photos or videos, usually from a haunted location, with no known explainable source.  The most common examples are light anomalies.  An anomaly can be considered something that happens beyond the norm, whether, it be a light, an experience, an event, or, out of nowhere an appearance of an object.  The most common examples of anomalies are light anomalies.

APPARITION - (In Latin, means "to appear")  It is a phantom, misty-like manifestation of an object, scene, animal, or of a human resemblance.

APPORT - The appearance or disappearance of an object from an unknown source (eg. out of the air) to you, such as, pennies dropped in your path.

ASTRAL PROJECTION - Leaving one's body and traveling somewhere else voluntarily or involuntarily.

AURA - A subtle field of energy that is invisible, electromagnetic and intelligent that surrounds all living things.

BENEVOLENT - A spirit who acts with helpful, loving, or, non-aggressive behavior.

BI-LOCATION - Being in two places at the same time; appearing in two physical bodies simultaneously but in different locations.

CLAIRAUDIENCE - The ability to perceive sounds and voices from other vibrational frequencies or ethereal dimensions that are inaudible to others.

CLAIRSENTIENCE - The ability to perceive information or impressions (not caused by the outer environment) through feeling.

CLAIRVOYANCE - The ability to visually perceive information from other vibrational frequencies or ethereal dimensions without using the physical eyes.  This information can consist of words, colors, objects, symbols, animals, scenes, moving pictures, or people (living or deceased).

DISCARNATE / DISEMBODIED SPIRIT - A spirit that has no physical body; a ghost.

EARTHBOUND SPIRIT / ENTITY - A ghost;  These spirits inhabit the lower astral plane nearest to the earth plane.  They do not realize they are dead and are not free of their earthly desires, pains, emotions, addictions, etc. and are still attached to this plane.

ENTITY - An interactive discarnate being.

EMF - Electromagnetic Field - natural and unnatural fluctuations in the magnetic field in a location.

EMF DETECTOR - A sensitive measuring instrument that detects and measures electromagnetic energy fields.

EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena is the appearance or capturing of ghostly voices or sounds on an electronic audio recording device with no physical explanation of how it got there.  These are spirits trying to communicate with the living and are usually not audible to the human ear.  These voices and sounds are not heard until playback.  They are believed to be voices/sounds from ghosts or those from the other side.

GHOST - Earthbound spirit

GHOST LIGHTS - Unexplained lights often associated with paranormal activity.

HAUNTING - Unknown or abnormal activity that cannot be explained in any physical manner; where the normal and paranormal interact with each other.

IMPRINT - Usually caused by an intensely emotional experience, such as, tragedy / violence and leaves an energetic deposit at that location.  It also can be caused by a repetitive-type routine.  These forms of energy have no consciousness attached to them and replay themselves over and over and gradually dissipate over a period of time.

MALEVOLENT - A spirit who acts with angry, destructive, and harmful behavior.

MEDIUM -  A person who has the ability to act as a bridge between this world and the next.  One who can communicate with those who have passed on.

METAPHYSICS - The study of that which is higher and beyond the law of physics. 

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE - The awareness of the experience of a person's consciousness after having been claimed "clinically" dead and is then revived.  Also known as a "NDE."

Waking up during the night with the experience of not being able to move and / or the feeling of a heavy force on the chest, as if, being held down.  (In Folklore, it is believed to be an old woman who sits on your chest and tries to steal your breath while you are asleep.)

ORBS - A true orb is a sphere of light made up of electromagnetic energy as a generated form of a spirit; luminous anomalies.  The majority of orbs are not paranormal and have a natural cause or explanation.
(ex.  dust, moisture, rain, snow, bugs, pollen)

PARANORMAL - Any unsusual activity or occurrences for which there is no scientific explanation.

The research / investigation of unexplained happenings or activity of a particular location.

PARAPSYCHOLOGY - The study of phenomena that cannot be explained by science or the natural world.

PHENOMENON - An occurrence or an event that science or the natural world can explain.

POLTERGEIST - German for "noisy ghost / spirit"
(see "Types of Hauntings")

POSSESSION - When a person is mentally, and often physically controlled by an unseen negative force / entity.  To have some degree of control over something or someone. 

PSYCHIC - A person who has extra-sensory abilities.

SLEEP PARALYSIS - A period of inability to perform voluntary movements either at onset of the sleep cycle or at awakening.

SKEPTIC - A person who doubts, disagrees and refuses to believe in the existence of anything paranormal.

SPIRIT - Soul or consciousness of an individual.

SPIRIT RESCUE - Communicating with ghosts / spirits with the intention of helping them to understand their situation and aiding them to cross over to the other side.

TELEPATHY - A method of communication using the mind.

TIME SLIP -  A displacement where a person has the experience of a different time while being in the same place.

VORTEX - A funnel of energy which is a means of transport that allows ghosts / spirits to easily move about and still maintain their own energy fields; a natural energy hole or tear where energy from one dimension is attracted or pulled into another dimension.

WHITE NOISE - A hiss-like sound made from a mixture of audible frequencies that have equal loudness, often used as background noise for recording EVPs.

WRAITH - The image of a person appearing shortly before or after their death.