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All pictures from private residences are used with permission and all names and addresses are confidential.

Westover Hills, Richmond, VA   2005

A couple from Arizona moved to Richmond and rented this house.  At the time, all they had with them was their clothes, a mattress and box fan.  One night when they went to bed, the box fan flew across the room and hit the wall hard enough it broke the blades.  Needless to say, it scared them out of their wits.  That night they slept in the car.  The next day, I was contacted.

I like to take pictures of windows when I go on an investigation and to my delight I captured a great manifestation of a young boy.

See close-ups below.

You can see his eyes, nose, lips, bangs, and fingers as if he is resting his chin on the back of his hand.

Notice in this picture he is beginning to fade.

And even more in this one.

This is the inside of the bedroom.


Dinwiddie, VA   2009

Photo Copyright © 2009 by Sandy Kalaora
NightQuest Paranormal

In this home, most of the activity happens in this bedroom.  I had the opportunity to sleep in this room two different weekends.  The first night I had the experience of a presence standing inches behind me.  I could hear labored breathing.  I grabbed my recorder and by the time I turned it on, the breathing stopped.  I continued to record for 2 minutes.  When I played it back there was a male voice and a female voice.  The male voice said, "who's in here?" 
Towards the end of the two minutes a female voice said, "is that the medium?"  After the two-minute recording I took some infrared night vision pictures.  This first one is what it looks like naturally.  In the next two pictures, notice the dark mass.  This is the area I heard the breathing.

Photo Copyright © 2009 by Sandy Kalaora
NightQuest Paranormal

Photo Copyright © 2009 by Sandy Kalaora
NightQuest Paranormal

There was nothing in the way of the camera.


Amelia, VA   2010

Demon-like faces in the mirror -

Both the present tenants and the previous tenants reported seeing the ghostly figures of a woman and a little girl around the age of 9 yrs. old.  They see the child often peering around the doorways.

This mirror and dresser looked to be from either the 60's or 70's.  The present tenants were not the original owners but since being in their possession things began to happen.  The dresser was in their daughter's room.  The heat did not work in that room, and their daughter would not spend much time there.  She would bring her toys to the room where they were to play.  When I entered this room I would get nauseated and pain in my head.  When I left the room it went away and would re-occur when I reentered the room especially when I was anywhere near or in front of the mirror.  (The clients also reported that negative happenings were occurring in different parts of the house.)  The sense was to remove the mirror from the room and take it outside.  The whole feeling in the room changed immediately and HEAT CAME ON for the first time since having the mirror and dresser.  The mirror was destroyed and removed from the property.  The clients report that their daughter now plays and likes spending time in her room and the negative happenings have ceased.

In this part of the mirror, notice a child's face and the face of another behind the child.  In the top circle is a figure of a man. 

The ghostly woman and little girl are occasionally still seen, but, the negativity and negative happenings have stopped.


Amelia, VA    2011

Picture property of Jenni Gough Copyright
© 2011    NightQuest Paranormal

There is a woman's face in the window (see below for close-up).

Jenni Gough Copyright
© 2011   NightQuest Paranormal


Richmond, VA Business (historical bldg.) 2011

Male child peering out of a room used for storage.


Residential - Richmond, VA  2011

Original Picture - notice lower left corner...something's

Converted to black & white - it's a cat.  Client's cat had
died 5 months earlier.



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