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Queen Mary
The Haunted Queen Mary
Long Beach, California

RMS Queen Mary was launched September, 1934 and her maiden voyage was May 27, 1936.  Her overall length is 1,019.5 ft. and has 12 decks.  She had a passenger capacity of 1,957 with 1,174 officers and crew.

The Queen Mary was in war service from March 1940 to September 1946.  Carried up to 15,000 troops at one time, carried the wounded returning the U.S., carried 12,886 GI brides and children, and transported Winston Churchill 3 times to conferences.

During the war, the ship carried a total of 765,429 military personnel, and sailed a total of 569,429 miles.  She resumed peacetime passenger service in July 1947 and retired from regular passenger service on September 19, 1967.

On October 31, 1967, she departed on her last voyage, arriving in Long Beach, California on December 9, 1967. On December 11, 1967, ownership was removed from the British Registry and officially turned over to the City of Long Beach.

The Queen Mary  had completed 1001 Trans-Atlantic crossings.

Below are some pictures of the Queen Mary.  Even though we had some personal experiences, we did not capture any evidence with our cameras, but, we did get some great EVPs.  One of them was of a little girl named, "Jackie," who has been stuck there for over 50 years.  One of the great things about Jackie is that you can hear her out loud.  If you ever have the chance to see the documentary by the late Peter James, "The Ghosts of the Queen Mary," you will hear the interaction Peter has with Jackie.  She even sings the song, "London Bridge is falling down."


One of the upper decks.

British Phone Booth

  Inside pool where we heard "Jackie's" voice.  Orbs are dusts.

View of other end of pool.  Orbs are dust.

  An area of the cargo hold.

Boiler room (It had 27 boilers)

  Another view

Engine Room

Our K-2 meters responding in unison with the interaction of a spirit when we asked yes and no questions in the engine room.  A crewman died there when he was crushed in a doorway by a large gear closing.  (Actual doorway below)

Go to www.queenmary.com and check out the statistics of the Queen Mary and the Queen Mary vs. Titanic, quite interesting.  Click on 'history.'

**Coming Soon - the EVPs**