NightQuest Paranormal
Poe Museum


August  2007 / May  2008 / April 2010 / October 2011

                                                            Front View

These pictures are from two investigations we did at the Poe.  The first investigation was in August 2007.  The second was in May 2008.

In the 1st investigation, the encounters we had were in the courtyard.  One was an EVP of a little girl responding to something I was saying to the team on the patio just outside of the back door.

As we were  unloading our equipment, I ask if anyone needed a flashlight since I had a few extras.  When I was reviewing the audio files later that week, I heard a
young child's response to what I asked.  It was a little girl's voice with a giggle:  "Heh, heh...heh, heh... I can
see! I can see! Heh, heh."

The other encounter was at the far end of the courtyard where we felt a presence of a child interacting with us, answering yes and no questions through our K-2 meters.  This interaction was captured on video. 

There are 2 children, a girl and a boy.  The boy was shy so she did all the communicating with us.  They love to play and run in the courtyard and like to play tricks on people.

Courtyard view


This picture was taken in early evening with night vision.

   This orb is close to the area where we had the interaction with
   the children.

     This was taken a year earlier.


Orb near tree, probably dust.            

April 29, 2010



We also captured some great EVPs!  (below)  

For best results, listen with a headset.


Investigation - October 29, 2011        

In the upstairs room of the carriage house, a little boy was reacting to our questions thru my geophone which is more sensitive than emf meters. Through that interaction, we established that he was 7 years old. At one point, I felt that he liked to play in the rafters, so I asked him.  When I said that, Kristin took a picture of the rafters. When we put it up on the computer, and zoomed in, there was a boy's face beside an orb.   
(See enlargement below)