NightQuest Paranormal
RESIDUAL - A residual haunting is usually caused by an intensely emotional experience, such as, tragedy / violence at a location and leaves an energetic imprint of that event.  It also can be caused by a repetitive-type routine.  These forms of energy have no consciousness attached to them and replay themselves over and over and gradually dissipate over a period of time.

INTELLIGENT - In this type of haunting, the entity is aware of itself and of having no physical body.  It is aware of the living and can interact.

POLTERGEIST - (German for "noisy ghost / spirit")  This is a discarnate being, usually young, that desires attention and that its ego be fed.  It can display its presence by playfulness or by unkind and harmful ways.  It uses the energy of a person in the home or location to manipulate objects.  This person is what is known as a "poltergeist focus."  This person or "focus" has a strong amount of emotional energy emitting at that time and has no awareness that their energy is being used for this purpose.  The person or "focus" does nothing in a conscious way to agitate the poltergeist into action.  The "focus" is often a child or teenager / young adult.

Here are a few of the states of awareness or consciousness that make the "focus" (person) a good conduit of this emotional energy:

     * A highly emotional or weakened mental state.
     * A youth going through puberty.

     * Having an unpredictable, unstable, shaky,
        explosive, or, destructive nature.

     * A child hiding jealousy of a brother or sister.

       * Someone experiencing a traumatic incident.

Paranormal activity usually increases when the "focus" is present.